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2019 Water Professional Award Winner - Gary Aitchison (New Zealand)

Gary has 20 years of working experience in the Pacific in the water and wastewater infrastructure sector. He has become a reliable partner to all the Pacific Utility Members (PUMs) over the years through the continuity of his service and his ability to adapt to the Pacific way of doing business, in the same sense that he has gone over and beyond his role as a partner and supplier of goods to all PUMs he has assisted in ensuring that PWWA thrives by lobbying to other companies to joining the PWWA. Those are just a few things about Gary but his work speaks for itself in each PUM, his presence in and passion for PWWA is noticeable and valued by all. Gary is a longstanding member of PWWA and has spent the past 6 years on the Board of PWWA as an Allied member representative. Cited Awards Nights, Port Vila Vanuatu Thursday 9 August 2019

2019 Young Water Professional Award Winner – Katrina Mariner (AMERICAN SAMOA)

Katrina started working at the American Samoa Power Authority as the Water & Wells System Engineer some 5 years ago as a replacement to a veteran Hydrogeologist Professional Engineer from the USA. With such huge shoes to fill, Katrina took on the task of finding good quality water by drilling water wells in hydro-geologically favourable locations with a determination to succeed. With not much experience other than what she learned in school, Katrina started to explore the mountain fronts of American Samoa looking for water. With limited resources and many challenges she managed to site and successfully drill over 6 new water wells yielding over 1,000 gallons per minute of good quality water. Three of these wells allowed ASPA to lift the Boil Water Notice (BWN) from an area that was under BWN for almost a decade. This area affected almost 10,000 people who will now no longer need to boil their water before consumption. She continues to site and construct more wells with funding from USEPA by siting more than 10 additional wells through out the islands of Tutuila, Aunuu and Manu’a. Katrina is also involved in projects outside of her expertise. Just this last month, Katrina successfully completed the construction and commissioning of a brand new 320,000 gallon Glass Fused To Steel water storage tank and is currently completing the design and implementation of another water storage tank to supply water to the eastern side villages of Tutuila. Her knowledge and skills is helping American Samoa in partnership with University of Hawaii develop a groundwater model for the future success and sustainability of the water system in American Samoa. She has demonstrated great leadership skills and prowess in becoming a great Hydrogeologist in the near future. She is an up and coming Young Water Professional to look out for in the Pacific Region. Cited Awards Nights, Port Vila, Vanuatu Thursday 8 August 2019

2018 Water Professional Award Winner – Opetaia Ravai (FIJI)

“The Water Professional of the Year Award honours an individual who has displayed a sustained passion and continued commitment to the water industry, and who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and influence in the Pacific water sector. For 2018, the award is given to Mr Opetaia Ravai, former CEO of Water Authority of Fiji, and former Chairman of PWWA. Mr Ravai assumed chairmanship of PWWA from 2011 and under his leadership, PWWA undertook a reform programme that saw the re-vamping and modernisation of the organisation’s Constitution, re-building the governance framework for PWWA which saw the establishment of a Council, a smaller (10-member) Board of Directors and subsequently establishing a permanent Secretariat in late 2016. In 2015, the first Water Ministers Forum was convened as part of the PWWA Annual Conference and Expo, seen as a step forward for soliciting the political support for establishing PWWA as the regional “voice for water in the Pacific”. He was a driving force in securing funding for PWWA to finance the establishment of a permanent Secretariat with permanent staff, and establishing a capacity building programme for its members that included the Young Water Professionals programme launched in 2017. He continued to encourage growth of the organisation by seeking new members and ways to encourage new membership in PWWA. Mr Ravai is well-respected and known in PWWA circles as a pragmatic but visionary leader who has tremendous rapport with all categories of members of PWWA.”

2018 Young Water Professional Award Winner - Helen Pulou (AMERICAN SAMOA)

“The PWWA Young Water Professional of the Year Award recognizes a young water professional who has made a significant contribution to the water industry and general community and has demonstrated the potential to play an influential role in the Pacific water industry. The award is open to young engineers/professionals aged ≤ 35 years who work in the Pacific water industry. In 2018, Ms Helen Pulou won the award. She was nominated by her Manager at the American Samoa Power Authority. Helen completed her 2 year NZ Diploma in Engineering Program at MIT and started working fulltime for the ASPA Water Division in July 2017. Since then she has been instrumental in collecting data and running ASPA’s hydraulic model on H2OMap. This model helps ASPA identify areas where Non-Revenue is high and focuses its Leak Detection efforts there. Helen also updates the water daily metrics showing tank levels, pressures, flows, and other parameters at critical points in the system. This information helps ASPA’s water operations team. She helps identify any anomalies in the system and notifies the system operators to attend to the matter before it causes low pressure or no water issues to the customers. Helen has been a great addition to the ASPA Water team and has proven her resourcefulness in helping ASPA provide better service to its customers. Her work has helped ASPA lift the Boil Water Notice from 30% of its population currently under the Boil Water Notice. She continues to assist in helping ASPA achieve its goal of removing the Boil Water Notice from 100% of its population by December 2019 through her hydraulic modeling work. She has the potential of becoming a great water engineer and is excited to continue on this path at ASPA. Cited Awards Nights, Noumea New Caledonia Thursday 9 August 2018


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21 January 2020

An opportunity exists for the following local position with the Pacific Water & Wastewater Association:
1. Executive Officer Assistant

Representing 21 Pacific Island countries, the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) delivers services that are unique in the region and have significant impact on the capacity of Pacific Island countries for sustainable management of water and wastewater services. PWWA is a regional organisation whose mission is to improve the delivery of quality water related services that enhance the wellbeing of people throughout the region. Further information on the PWWA can be found at

The information package for applications to the above position are available on the PWWA website: Alternatively, you may enquire directly with the Chief Executive Officer by email at [email protected], or by telephone at +685 30326.

All enquiries will be discussed in confidence. Please note PWWA is an Equal Employment Opportunity organisation. Note also the position is open only to Samoan nationals.

Applications close 4pm (Samoa time) Friday 7 February 2020. They are to be addressed to Mrs Pitolau Lusia Sefo Leau, Chief Executive Officer, PWWA and emailed to [email protected]

CLICK HERE for Job Description