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About Us


The Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) is a not for profit organisation and was established in 1994 to support the Pacific region in meeting all water challenges both at the national and regional level.  From voluntary membership that brought together utilities and people dedicated to bringing Pacific water issues to the fore, PWWA grew over time to an established regional organisation with its permanent Secretariat established and recognized in 2017, following some dynamic reforms.  Its main headquarter is in Samoa with 4 full time staff including the Chief Executive Officer.  Modernizing PWWA, building its governance structure and establishing its permanent Secretariat would not have been possible without the tremendous assistance of its partners – the Australian Water Partnership (AWP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 

Assistance from its partners enabled the PWWA to host an annual conference over the past 11 years which event has been important for its membership to bring together water issues and solutions for individual member states. More importantly, programme assistance from its partners have been instrumental in developing and building the capacity of its member utilities human resources and helped catalyse other events and activities that provide a forum for strategic discussions of global issues and providing a forum for building leaders of the futures in the water sector of the Pacific. The Pacific Water Ministers is a product of PWWA and was established as a part of the Annual conference in 2015.  Likewise, its flagship Young Professionals Programme which started in 2017 with assistance of AWP has been a huge success.

The Association now consists of 31 water utility members from 21 countries in the Pacific.  Its goal is to serve as the principal water and wastewater voice of and for the Pacific Island nations; and to develop expertise in the Pacific for the sustainable management of water and wastewater services by shaping a cohesive, proficient and robust water and wastewater sector.

The PWWA realises the importance of working together in sustainable and durable partnerships to address issues affecting the region’s water and wastewater sector, and sharing best practices on the effective and efficient management of water resources and infrastructure has been the focus in the last couple of years.  This is a collective effort by the pacific water sector to contribute and to ensure targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in particular SDG-6 are being closely monitored and achieved.

Further to this, PWWA through its annual Pacific Water Ministers Forum, will advocate for regional priorities in the water and sanitation sector to the Pacific Forum Leaders, both as a region and as sovereign states.  It is also a way to strengthen linkages between the work of PWWA and the Framework for Pacific Regionalism and related regional developments in the sector so that it adds value to its collective work.

Council Members

Mr. Wallon Young
Acting Executive Director

American Samoa Power Authority
American Samoa

Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Island
Cook Islands

Mr Brent Manning
Chief Executive Officer
To Tatou Vai
Cook Islands

Mr Faustino Yangmog
General Manger
Yap State Public Service Corporation
Federated States of Micronesia

Mr Kasio Kembo Mida Jr
Chief Executive Officer
Chuuk Public Utility Corporation
Federated States of Micronesia

Mr Osamu Nedlic
General Manager

Kosrae Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
Federated States of Micronesia

Gagil Tomil Water Authority
Federated States of Micronesia

Mr Nixon Anson
Chief Executive Officer
Pohnpei Utilities Corporation
Federated States of Micronesia

Mr John Guswel
General Manager
Southern Yap Water Authority
Federated States of Micronesia

Mr Miguel C Bordallo
General Manager
Guam Waterworks Authority

Dr Amit Chanan
Chief Executive Officer

Water Authority Fiji

Mr Didier Pouzou
Managing Director
Caledonienne des Eaux
New Caledonia

General Manager
Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utility Resources
Marshall Islands

Mr Abraham Aremwa
Chief Executive Officer
Nauru Utilities Corporation

Mr Andre Siohane
Director General of Infrastructure
Ministry of Infrastructure and Utilities

Mr Gary Camacho
Executive Director
Commonwealth Utilities Corporation
Northern Marianas

Mr Frank Kyota
Chief Executive Officer
Palau Public Utilities Corporation

Mr James Young
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Utilities Board

Mr Parkop Kurua Jnr
Chief Executive Officer
Water PNG Ltd
Papua New Guinea

Ms Fuimaono Dominic Schwalger
Managing Director
Samoa Water Authority

Mr Sulutumu Sasa Milo
Independent Water Scheme Association

Mr Ian Gooden
General Manager
Solomon Island Water Authority
Solomon Island

Mr Benoit Burguin
Director General
Polynesienne des Eaux
French Polynesia

Mr Mika Perez
Department of Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment

Mr Sione Tutulu Finau
Chief Executive Officer
Tonga Water Board

Dr Nese Ituaso Conway
Chief Executive Officer
Ministry of Public Works

Mr Johann Levant
Water and Electricity of Wallis and Futuna
Wallis and Futuna

Mr Erickson Sammy
Department of Water Resources

Mr Morault Yves
Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors


Name: Mr. Ian Gooden
Category Elected: PUMs Utility Member
Organisation: CEO, Solomon Islands Water Authority

Deputy Chairperson

Name: Mr. Fuimaono Dominic Schwalger
Category Elected: PUMs Utility Member
Organisation: Managing Director/CEO Samoa Water Authority


Name: Mr. Jim Keary
Category Elected: Allied Member
Organisation: Senior Fellow, Hunter H2O, Australia


Name: Mr. Erickson Sammy
Category Elected: PUMs Utility Member
Organisation: Director, Department of Water Resources, Vanuatu

Alternate Secretary

Name: Ms. Ruth Ueselani
Category Elected: Allied Memeber, All Categories
Organisation: Assistant CEO, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Samoa


Name: Mr. Mika Perez
Category Elected: PUMs, Utility Member
Organisation:  Director Economic,Development,Natural Resources & Environment Tokelau


Name: Mr. Ken Klein
Category Elected: Allied Member, All Categories
Organisation: Executive Sales Manager, ACO Pty Ltd, Australia


Name: Mr Gary Aitchison 
Category Elected: Allied Member
Organisation: General Manager Pipeline Products NZ & Pacific, Derwent Industries NZ LTD


The PWWA Secretariat is the main contact for the association. They manage and coordinate all activities and is a representative of the association at both regional and global platform. The secretariat keeps all its members updated on developments in the sector and ensure the association’s focus areas and strategic goals through its implemented activities. All development partners and affiliated members assistance are channeled through the secretariat. The Secretariat is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Pitolau Lusia Sefo-Leau and is based in Samoa. Its location is on Level 4, FMII Building, Matafele, Apia.