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The Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) is a not for profit membership body established in 1994 operating in the water and wastewater sectors.The PWWA has been based in Samoa since 2007 with voluntary secretariat services provided by KEW Consult including that of the Executive Director Latu Kupa.

The Board of PWWA in 2015 recognised the changes to the external evnironment under which the PWWA operates and that changes neccessitated a review of the organisations operations.  A Sustainability Committee was established with the funding assistance from Asian Development Bank to develop a transition plan and transform the PWWA into a more professionally run, responsive and proactive organisation which is ultimately financially sustainable with minimal external support.  The association remains under the control of its Pacific Utility Members.

A new PWWA Constitution 2016 has been endorsed by the Country Members Ministers at the PWWA Annual Conference in Tonga 2016 and also by all members at the AGM.  Due to new changes in the new Constitution, a new structure has been approved and implemented.

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