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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

I am happy to welcome you to register for the 2019 Pacific Water and Wastewater Conference and Expo to be held from 5-9 August in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

We are grateful to the government and people of Vanuatu, and our member utilities – UNELCO and the Department of Water Resources - for extending their tremendous support to host this year’s conference and expo and concurrently, the 5th Water Ministers Forum. I am certain they will showcase and extend their best to welcome you all to their beautiful islands and make your visit very special.

“Smart island water” will be the theme for this year’s conference.  Modern information and communications technologies have provided today’s societies with an array of innovative capabilities to solve several challenges related to resource efficiency, urbanization and population growth, climate variability and change and sustainable development.  Harnessing these technologies within the water sector creates more intelligent means for managing and protecting our region’s water resources and lays the foundation for a “water smart” Pacific. The water industry of the future will be smart and energy efficient. As small, vulnerable islands of the vast Pacific, we need not reinvent the wheel; we should seek out what is available, and test new, robust systems, linking the physical and digital world to ensure tailored, water-smart solutions that cover various water management areas, cycles and value chains based on an integrated approach of all water changing conditions.


 This year, we hope to bring you an array of technical papers that are topical, relevant and appropriate to our islands but also inspire innovative solutions and forward looking actions that capitalise on the digital transformation and provide “smarter” solutions for our communities.  We will also be continuing with our very successful Young Water Professionals program nurturing and building the capacity of future leaders in the water sector of the Pacific.


This is a once a year opportunity not to be missed; it is the only annual event for the water and wastewater sector for the Pacific islands bringing together like-minded professionals, leaders in water and wastewater in the public and private sector, leaders in the political arena from across the Pacific – to share experiences and knowledge, learn from each other and build new relationships.


I look forward to seeing you in Port Vila, Vanuatu.


Pitolau Lusia Sefo Leau

Chief Executive Officer

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