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The Pacific Water & Wastes Association (PWWA) in collaboration with the Water Authority of Fiji organised the Pacific Water Conference 2011, which was held at the Novotel Hotel in Lami Bay in Fiji from September 28 – 30. There were more than 100 delegates in attendance from a variety of water utilities, water service providers and water professionals from around the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand and Hawaii. PWWA acknowledge with much appreciation the Major Sponsor again, Asian Development Bank. Other sponsors including Westpac, British American Tobacco and Tubemakers & Roofmart Limited were also acknowledge during the conference. Vinaka !!

The Pacific Water Conference & Expo 2011 was a huge success! Participants were able to increase their knowledge on Emerging, Innovative Technology and Research, Climate Change and Disaster Management, Twinning experiences in the Pacific, Water Policy and Strategy, Lessons Learnt from Water Projects, and Benchmarking. The winning presenter at this year's conference was Sulutumu Sasa Milo, the president of the Independent Water Schemes Association of Samoa.

The annual expo far out did it's previous efforts holding a record number of 25 booths this year. Exhibitors included Sulabh International, Pacific Health Solutions, Gutermann Pty Ltd, WARA Pacific, Apex Environmental Ltd, Tyco Water, Arthur D Riley & Co Ltd, Mason Engineers (NZ) Ltd, Merck Australia, Ecological Technologies Ltd, Pacific Engineering Projects Ltd, Hunter Water Australia, Vinod Patel & Co Ltd, Mono Pumps NZ Company, Pacific Pumps and Process Technologies, Tube Makers (TRL) Fiji, Oceania Water Treatment, ITT Water & Wastewater NZ Ltd, and Humes Pipelines Systems NZ, who won the best expo display this year. We look forward to seeing all our exhibitors and even some new ones at the PWC12 in Auckland.

The PWWA also launched their new website loaded with the latest technological advances and offering more services to its members. The website can be found at

The 2012 Pacific Water Conference and Expo will be held in Auckland New Zealand and will be hosted by Woods Pacific.

Review Report on the Pacific Wastewater Framework for Action

In this International Year of Sanitation 2008, seven years after the adoption of the Pacific Wastewater Policy Statement and Framework for Action 2001, a review of the actions taken so far and identification of further actions is being undertaken.

The Pacific Water Conference (9-11 September, 2008, held at Hotel Kitano, Samoa) gave an opportunity to representatives from the Pacific islands to focus on Pacific Partnership activities and arrangements and to review activities at national and regional levels on sanitation and wastewater management.

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Pacific Waterscapes Forum

The Pacific Waterscapes forum has been set up to allow dialogue between stakeholders about how to make water services in Pacific Island Countries less vulnerable. The web forum is designed to facilitate the process of discussion between countries and especially between participants that can be used to discuss project ideas that were generated as part of the Delphi iterations of the project, or other relevant topics. The next stage of the study is aimed at developing full projects to be explored at the workshop of the Pacific Water Association to be held in September 2008. Please visit the forum at:

Water Industry Training

Earn as you learn! Water Industry Training, part of the Agriculture Industry Training Organisation (ITO), administers training for people in the water and wastewater industries in New Zealand. Created by industry through the initiatives of the New Zealand Water and Wastes Association (NZWWA), Water Industry Training has a focus on qualifications recognised under the national qualifications framework.

Pacific Water Use Efficiency

With more pressure on limited resources, many Pacific islands have realised that the key towards sustainability lies not in costly infrastructure extension but in sound management of existing water supplies. This is "demand management" where strategies are developed to optimise existing water resources and infrastructure, and encourage customers to use water efficiently. Economic, environmental and social benefits are achievable with such an approach.

World Water Monitoring Day

World Water Monitoring Day is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local water bodies.


Test your knowledge of Wastewater and Laboratory Topics using SkillsBuilder. You can take a quick refresher before a test, or just brush up on your knowledge!

WELL Resource Centre

The WELL resource centre for water, sanitation and environmental health was first established in 1996 and was managed by LSHTM and WEDC, subsequently by WEDC, LSHTM and IRC.

The Pacific Rainfall Database

The Comprehensive Pacific Rainfall Database consists of daily and monthly rainfall records from many sites located on atolls and islands. The database is updated monthly.

CSIRO Urban and Industrial Water

CSIRO is committed to creating new water recycling systems and methods for protecting existing water resources and remediating contaminated resources. This is done through conducting groundwater modelling, catchment management, microbiological, socio-economic, health and technological research.

Links to Water Products

Blue Spring provides silver colloid products, a natural health supplement that fights infection, boosts the human system, speeds up body cells re-growth and accelerates the healing of damaged skins.

Established over 10 years ago, the Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) is the peak industry association & certification organisation for water bottlers and suppliers in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

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