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New Premium Member : TONKIN + TAYLOR International Ltd

Team culture People are at the heart of T+TI. Not only are we a New Zealand-owned company, but, unusually, we are also an employee-owned company. This creates a very strong team culture, and in many ways we function like a whānau whānui (extended family). When we hire, we don’t just seek excellence and expertise – we look for people with great personal and professional values, who will contribute to our culture and enhance our existing values. New Zealand has a population of nearly 300,000 Pacific Islanders from many nations, including Samoa, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Niue, Fiji, and Tokelau. Our cultural festivals celebrating their traditions are of great importance to New Zealand as a whole. As part of our work we are often required to engage with stakeholders, a large portion of which includes talking with local iwi (Māori tribes) ensuring that we are working with and respecting their values and traditions. This is particularly important when working in coastal environments, as moana (the sea) and kai (food) that comes from it are of huge significance to Māori, and we want to always respect that in the work that we do.

Company Details and Background T+TI, established in 1959, is a leading New Zealand based consultancy with specialist expertise in environmental, geotechnical, civil and water resource engineering. T&TI’s key credentials are noted below:

• Internationally-experienced consultancy with over 500 major assignments completed covering the environmental and infrastructure sectors

• Track record covers 17 Pacific Island nations

• Work for private and public companies, ADB and World Bank over the past 20 years includes infrastructure development, institutional strengthening and training, hydro and water supply – many with an EIA component

• Specialist expertise in the following disciplines: - Hydrogeology, groundwater investigations, modelling and yield assessments - Water supply headworks, treatment and distribution - Land and water resource planning - Environmental conservation and associated legislative documentation - Geotechnical investigations for site development, slope stability, earth retention and infra-structure projects - Hydro power investigation, design, and project management instrumentation, laboratory and site testing, monitoring and condition evaluation - Roading investigation and design - Airport investigation and design - Coastal protection design - sewerage reticulation, treatment and disposal - sanitation and solid waste management and disposal - ports/harbours investigation, condition survey and design - Expert witness services

• A 990-strong staff resource base

• A strong reputation for quality work, embodying the following principles: effectively managing multi-disciplinary study teams applying directly appropriate technology, coupled with practical innovation taking close account of local skills and resources applying cultural sensitivity and working closely with local personnel seeking practical outcomes, which can be readily implemented.

For more information please visit our website below.

New Allied Member - Ecoflo, Australia

Ecoflo provide waterless, composting, chemical free toilets to remote and developing communities in Australia, the Pacific Island Countries and beyond. We understand that we aren’t just providing and installing toilets - we create an exercise in self-determination for a community. We create an opportunity for consultation, engagement, participation and skills transfer to the communities we work in. Ecoflo’s composting toilets use a chemical-free aerobic process using naturally occurring bacteria to recycle human waste, producing valuable compost.

Ecoflo’s composting toilet solution (compliant with AS 1546.2) provides communities with a cost-effective and waterless toilet systems that protect their natural water supply, minimise water use and protect their environment.


Ecoflo has systems available that cater for two persons to more than 40 persons.  They are ideal solutions in houses, schools, villages and public parks.

Ecoflo has nearly 50 years trading history in Australia, 37 resellers in Australasia and one reseller in Papua New Guinea.  Ecoflo designs, manufactures and supplies waterless toilet systems in Australia with installations in Papua New Guinea, Timor l’este, Vanuatu, Fiji, Kiribati, Philippines, Christmas Island and the Cook Islands. We work closely with the communities, government organisations and project funding sources to ensure our products and installations are best suited to the community they are serving.


The opportunity to service and support remote and developing communities in particular, is one that we care for as our contributions to clients like this fulfills our purpose above and beyond any other.

Our clients include:

• National Parks throughout Australia

• The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

• The Australian Department of Defence

• The State Departments of Main Roads

• BHP Limited

• Local governments

• Indigenous communities

• Luxury Eco-Resorts

• Camping Grounds

• Service Industries

• Off-Grid Residences

To learn more about our projects, products or to explore how we could work together, please contact our Marketing Manager.

Jo Fairley +61 414 752 824 [email protected]

NEW ALLIED MEMBER - Sustainable Water Systems

As the official partner of Trunz Water Systems across the Pacific, we provide the most efficient and cost effective renewable energy powered reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water systems on the market. All units have been designed specifically for operation in remote hostile natural environments. The ‘plug and play’ fixed or mobile unit design, with intelligent automation and monitoring, ensures reliable operation and an easy installation. With over 1,000 Trunz installations throughout the world, the tried and tested technology is ideally suited to the demands of the Pacific.

Our teams and agents, located throughout the Pacific, provide advice, sales, installation and service as required on our water systems and other renewable energy powered products.

Allied Member - Progetti Plant S.R.L

With forty years of experience, Progetti Plant focuses on providing innovative, customized, turnkey solutions for its customers worldwide.  Progetti Plant's expertise around the world spans across various technologies which include mainly MEP, water and wastewater management, solar pv solar themal, integrated energy systems, grid connected or stand-alone, geothermal, hydro power, wind power, bio-gas, co-generation, industrial process optimixation, energy efficiency and higth quality industrial technological systems for sanitaryware and ceramics industry hospitals and mobile hospitals etc.

Our turnkey projects include the following services;

  • site identification, siteinspection and feasibility study
  • design and project engineering 
  • processing of all necessary permits 
  • procurement of materials and all other components 
  • plant start-up and commissioning 
  • security and surveillance
  • plant management (maintenance, operation and monitoring)
  • Progetti Plant boasts a team of high-qualified engineers and technicians, and excellence in terms of specialization and reliability for the planning, execution and maintenance of industrial systems


Frank PKS (NZ) Ltd manufacture polyethylene pipes and structures for gravity storm and waste water applications.  These same products are also utilised in the manufacture of water attenuation and retention systems and other tank applications.  Products are manufactured to AS/NZS 5065 to which we hold StandardsMark and WaterMark Licenses.  We work with the customer to achieve the best solution for the outcome that they require.

For more information visit our website 


Land Transport Authority is a state owned enterprise mandated to provide a safe and environmentally friendly land transportation network for Samoa.  LTA is one of the lead implementing agencies under the Flood Mitigation Subsector of the Water Sector.  LTA is responsible for the procurement and supervision of design consultants to upgrade drainages within the central Business Distreict as well as the procurement and supervision of contractors that undertakes routine maintenance as well as drainage upgrades within the CBD area.

Please go our website for more information ( 

Allied Member - SCOPE Pacific

Strategic Consultants Planning & Engineering Pacific Ltd (t/a SCOPE Pacific) is an established Fiji based firm with its core business in Planning, Environmental and Engineering consultancy services.  SCOPE Pacific is able to offer a wide range of services on a variety of projects to its clientele which includes government agencies, donor/aid agencies, statutory organisations including utility providers, private developers, multinational corporations, and various others across Fiji and the Pacific Region.

Visit their website for further information.

Allied Member - Tasman Tanks

Tasman Tanks is recognised as a market leader in Liquid Storage Solutions and offers the largest range of bolted steel tanks in Australasia, we design, fabricate and construct to your specific application.

Commencing operations in Australia in 1996 and in New Zealand in 2005, the Tasman Tank Co. has the experience and expertise to design, fabricate and construct your liquid storage solution for Potable, Waste, Industrial, Fire, Rainwater and Dairy Effluent to name a few.

Head office for Australian operations is located in Sydney, with New Zealand operations in Christchurch & Hamilton and Fiji.

Our core range of high grade galvanised, stainless and protectively lined tanks is complemented by our ability to offer globally recognised brands in Glass coated and fusion bonded epoxy tanks. All Tasman Tanks are custom engineered, swiftly erected and long-lasting solutions designed to be fit for purpose in their chosen markets.

PWWA welcomes Tasman Tanks

More on Tasman Tanks

Allied Member: Hach Pacific

Hach Pacific provides you with access to the largest offering and highest quality of lab and process water analytics as well as outstanding service and application support. Hach, also supplies other products including measure, level and flow equipment which can be easily bundled with water quality analytics. We support the Pacific directly and through officially appointed distributors throughout the region. We are proud to bring you more than 60 years of water analytics leadership in product innovation, service and support. For more information please go onto our website 

Allied Member - Hydroflow

Hydroflow was established in 1985 and operates from modern purpose built warehousing and distribution facilities in Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand, and Melbourne in Australia.  It is a dristributor for many of the world's leading industrial brands in New Zealand and Australia.  Each of these selected not only on product innovation and quality but also on the quality and availability of industry leading technical support.

Hydroflow prides itself on being able to add value to every project with which they become involved, with specialist technical knowledge and experience.

PWWA welcomes Hydroflow again as our Allied Member.

For more information please go to their website or email Gary Aitchison ([email protected]

Allied Member: ACO Polycrete

ACO Polycrete has just joined PWWA.  Please refer below a brief profile on their company and services they can offer.

ACO world-wide - a global player with strong foundations and history

 ACO has independent firms in 40 countries on 4 continents including Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

 Regardless of any country differences, we put the ACO brand with its good image, quality claims and core competency at the heart of our marketing activities

 ACO Polycrete Pty Ltd based in Australia are responsible for the South Pacific and South East Asian regions and offer an extensive portfolio of products including stormwater, road and pavement drainage, building drainage systems, electrical pits and ducting systems, access covers and other water management products used in a wide range of applications and by a large number of different end users.

 We also offer an obligation free technical and drainage design assistance and advice, through our in house engineering team, and as a company we are proudly accredited to ISO 9001 quality certification.

 Please contact us directly on [email protected] or +61247474000 if you need any assistance with your product requirements.




For Earth (South Pacific) Limited is a Fijian-owned company based in Nadi, specialising in Sustainable Wastewater/Sewage Treatment and Odour Control Solutions. 

 We work with 

Hotels and Resorts, Municipal Wastewater/Sewage Treatment Plants (Water Authorities), Food Processors, Abattoirs, Piggeries, Poultry processors, Dairies, Sugar Mills, Canneries…..right down to single domestic dwellings; 

Basically any entity that produces wastewater or sewage with the potential to pollute the Environment, we are able to provide simple cost-effective solutions to assist them to meet their Environmental Obligations.

We are doing work here in Fiji with the Water Authority of Fiji, The Fiji Sugar Corporation, The Naboro Landfill, A large poultry processor, some of the largest (and smallest) hotels and various other entities. We have only been operating for 18 months but our customer base and variety of wastewater treatment scenarios is expanding rapidly.

For Earth (South Pacific) Limited has the rights and capability for Fiji and the South Pacific to the For Earth Technology.

The technology we use was developed in Australia and has the following key benefits:

  •  Improves discharge quality

  • Significant Odour Elimination
  • Less biological sludge produced than any other system.
  • Biological Desludging of Ponds and tanks without the need for mechanical removal of solids.
  • Low Capital startup and Low Ongoing Costs - We can adapt any existing systems to make them perform better and we can also design and build new systems if required.
  • For Earth Technology can be adapted to any type of wastewater retention system - Ponds, tanks, chambers, channels and so on.
  • Extremely low maintenance and no high-tech complicated systems.
  • Significant energy savings with highly efficient aeration technique.
  • Ability to recycle and re-use treated wastewater
  • Completely Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable. 

 For more information please email [email protected]



Allied member profile: Argo International, NZ

Argo International joined PWWA around two years ago with their first conference in Auckland at the Waipuna Lodge in 2012.

Argo International is a Water Treatment Chemicals supplier and some examples of their products are as follows:

  • Calcium Hypochlorite Granular tablet (American (HTH) and Japanese (Tosoh) companies representatives in the Pacific)
  • Products like TCIA tablets / Trichlorocyanuric Acid tablets
  • Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate -   Cyanuric Acid,  -  Sodium Bisulphate,  -  Sodium Bicarbonate (All used for treating and disinfecting water)

Argo International also specializes in the import of plastic drums and sheet glass used throughout NZ which can be of some interest in the Pacific.

For more information please email [email protected].

Member Profile: Kosrae Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

Kosrae State has four municipalities with its own water system; however, government has a separate system that is also feeding Lelu Village.

Lelu is running and maintaining its water system while the government does the same thing with its water syatem  All systems are not potable.Government owns three water wells which meant at first to be potable until chlorine was depleted and due to budgetary constraints chlorine could no longer be afforded.  These ground water wells are feeding the airport and adjacent offices.

All systems are provided free of charge. 

One of these villages namely Utwe is getting a financial assistance from ADB to rehab its water system and intended to be potable. There will be a  user fee.  Once the project is completed, it will be transfer to KUA as required by ADB since KUA is well established in terms of collection and accounting systems on the island.

In my view, all water systems must be upgraded for drinking water and to eliminate water borne diseases.  We need financial assistance to upgrade all these system.

 Weston Luckymis

Chief Executive Officer

Kosrae Department of Transport



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